What Is Salt Lake Insider?

Politics. News. The typical negative bullshit.

Yeah, we don't have any of that crap here. We are tired of the major news and media outlets here in Salt Lake City covering the crap they think we care about but are missing the mark completely.

They never really highlight what makes Salt Lake City so unique and so awesome! If you want politics, argument, and your typical negative news stories, there are plenty of other websites for you.

But Salt Lake Insider is not one of them.

We're committed to publishing stuff that Salt Lake City actually cares about. In fact, we're open to publishing YOUR stories and articles. Who better to know what the people of Salt Lake actually care about than the people of Salt Lake?

Brilliant, right? We're giving YOU a voice.

Have an article you'd like us to publish? Cool! Submit it here. We'll take a look and if we think it's interesting, we'll publish it.

No crazy process or guidelines. Just 100% meritocracy. If it's good (and relevant), we'll publish it. If it sucks, we won't. Cool?

Welcome to your Salt Lake Insider.