On this episode of Salt Lake Insider, we sat down with Chris & Krissie Holifield, the hosts of the longest-running Salt Lake City podcast, I Am Salt Lake, to hear the stories they've collected from 300+ episodes. What is their favorite episode so far? Why do they keep putting out episodes each week?


Chris & Krissie Holifield have been releasing I Am Salt Lake podcast episodes every week since 2012—over 300 shows. I sat down with them at their South Salt Lake studio and heard their awesome story.

It’s about the people.

Chris and Krissie each have their own favorites. Different people or experiences in taping their shows that stick out THE one.

Chris looks to his heroes. The I Am Salt Lake podcast has had interviews with radio hosts and local media personalities—people with inspiring broadcast and media presence.

Krissie fights for the ladies of Salt Lake City.

Utah and its tight association with the LDS church have had its criticisms over gender equality. Krissie is proud and humbled to connect with “badass ladies” doing great work in and around SLC—and she’ll continue to support and give a voice to those women working to empower each other.

It’s big enough, but small enough.

Chris and Krissie told me exactly why they love SLC, and what they like most about living here.

Chris, a transplant from So Cal by way of Pennsylvania, says his favorite thing about SLC is the unique blend of community and escape:

  • Local arts

  • Supportive community

  • Events like Craft Lake City, and more

Krissie vowed never to move to Utah. Raised LDS, she decided to reject the destination followed by so many LDS members.

…and then she moved to Utah.

After moving from Wisconsin, Krissie fell in love with the creativity enjoyed by so many here and quickly got into SLC’s thriving comedy scene.

Now what?

Look for the I Am Salt Lake Podcast crew at an event near you. They’re coming.

Chris and Krissie Holifield plan to push their I Am Salt Lake podcast to be more community-focused—not just in topic but in execution: live shows, Facebook Live broadcast, more boots-on-the-ground involvement in local fare.

And you know what?

I can’t wait. These two are doing such inspiring work spotlighting the best of SLC. The more they can hit the streets and connect with people—the better.

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Dustin Brohm

Dustin Brohm

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