Dustin Brohm

Founder, Salt Lake City Insider

Dustin is a real estate agent and entrepreneur here in Salt Lake City.

Proud husband and father of two

Passionate about business, family, technology, and taking advantage of the mountains and beauty that we're blessed with in SLC.

Salt Lake City evangelist

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Meet Dustin Brohm: The man behind “Salt Lake Insider

Dustin Brohm, the creator of Salt Lake Insider, is a Salt Lake City real estate agent and entrepreneur. He is a proud husband and father of two. Traveling is a major passion in his life and loves bringing the family along to experience the world. In the real estate world, Dustin is a speaker, trainer, and coach for other Realtors around the country. Through his travels around the country these last few years, Dustin gained a much greater appreciation for just how good we have it here in SLC, and how blessed we are to call Salt Lake City our home.

He is the editor in chief of Salt Lake Insider, and the host of the Salt Lake Insider Show, which actually began over a year before this website had even been thought of.

He has a big vision for what Salt Lake Insider can become. Dustin feels that SLC deserves a better online voice for the community. “

Our media here in Salt Lake is way too focused on negative news & exhausting politics (and selling ads!), and Salt Lake Insider is my attempt to provide a better option. Hopefully, you feel it is!”

– Dustin B