Follow these top Salt Lake City Instagram profiles pronto, or risk your feed being much less awesome

Salt Lake City is an incredible place to live, with so much to offer people of all walks of life. No wonder why SLC has been making so many “Best Places to Live and Do Business” lists lately. Our mountains, great food, outdoor lifestyle, friendly peeps, affordability (compared to much of the nation), and so on. Whether you're a parent or single 20-something, SLC has much to offer. But how do you keep a handle on it all? Enter, Instagram. Following this list of we feel are the 20 Best Salt Lake City Instagram profiles will keep you up to speed on all the awesomeness that Salt Lake City has to offer.

1. John Haymore

John Haymore has an incredible talent for capturing the unique beauty of the Utah and the Wasatch Front in his photos. His Instagram is like an online portfolio, but then his website is even better.

2. Salt Project

Their bio says, “Sharing things to do in UTAH with kids,” but their incredibly detailed articles on their website prove that to be quite the understatement.

3. Visit Salt Lake

Visit Salt Lake is a private, non-profit organization responsible for the promotion of Salt Lake as a convention and travel destination. Basically, their job is to highlight the best of Salt Lake City, and get more people to visit. Now that's something we can get behind! Visit Salt Lake, we've got your back!

4. Utah Is Rad

Utah Is Rad calls itself the Instagram basecamp for Utah's outdoor recreation community. Scroll through their Instagram grid for a few seconds, and you'll see they're nothing short of a collection of some of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring Utah photos.

5. Snowbird

How can you call yourself a local and not already follow The Bird? I mean, seriously. Self-reflection will reveal the answer.


6. I Am Salt Lake Podcast

The audio authority on Salt Lake City, and the stories of those living and working within it, is a must follow. Hosted by Chris & Krissie Holifield, the I Am Salt Lake podcast has been going strong for over 6 years now.


7. SLC Foodie

Keeping a handle on all the great new local restaurants and food trucks is like a full time job… which is why we're so stoked to follow @slcfoodie. They keep us up to date with the best photos and info of the Salt Lake City foodie scene.

8. SLC Flight Watch

Traveling can be very expensive; especially with our notoriously large Utah families! Thank God the good peeps at @slcflightwatch watch for flight deals out of SLC for us, and post the details when they find the deals. There's a ton of money to be saved, thanks to these guys.


9. Utah Jazz

We love our Utah Jazz (especially after the renewed excitement around last season!). The Utah Jazz Social Media team does a great job. If you're a Salt Lake City sports fan, follow the Jazz on Instagram.

10. Search Salt Lake

By scrolling their Instagram profile, you may never know that our local real estate partner, Search Salt Lake, is a local real estate company. But if you ask them, that's by design. No one wants to see a bunch of boring, unoriginal real estate listing photos! We'd much rather see the sights around Salt Lake, which is exactly what Search Salt Lake delivers.

11. Real Salt Lake

Stay up to date on whats going down in the RioT on the official Real Salt Lake Instagram profile. GOOAAALLLL!

12. SLC Moms

It's always great to find something new to do with your kids. Personally, we found out about some of our favorite family activities from @slcmoms. One of our personal favorite Salt Lake City Instagram accounts.

13. Craft Lake City

Craft Lake City is a non-profit dedicated to all things “handmade.” They aim to educate, promote and inspire local artisans while elevating the creative culture of the Utah arts community through science, technology and art.

14. Publik. Coffee

A personal favorite of mine, Publik Coffee is killing it not just in the local coffee shop scene, but on social media. Not only do I fiend for their coffee, but I love everything that Publik stands for (and their branding is on point!)

15. Downtown SLC

The Downtown Salt Lake City Alliance always grabs our attention with their Instagram photos. But in real life, the the Downtown SLC Alliance also represents more than 2,500 business and property owners in the Central Business District.

16. Donovan Mitchell

It only took one season for Donovan Mitchell to become a fan favorite here in Salt Lake, helping to revive the hopes and dreams of disgruntled Jazz fans everywhere. You know you love him; now you can see what he's up to on Instagram.

17. Built In Salt Lake

Want to hear the understatement of the year? Salt Lake is growing, fast. But what is fueling that growth? Newcomer @builtinsaltlake keeps tabs on our thriving tech scene in the Silicon Slopes area of Lehi, the developments happening around the Salt Lake area, and will soon provides a job board for those looking to fill, or find, a new job in the area. Side note, we're proud to welcome Built In Salt Lake to the Salt Lake Insider family. We have some exciting new projects up our sleeves!

18. Flights From Home

With so many great deals to be found on flights in and out of SLC, we don't feel that following just one “flight deal” account is sufficient. You'll definitely want to follow @flightsfromhome as well, because these guys dive deep and find some pretty incredible deals on airfare.

19. SaltLakeCity_Utah

The official Instagram account of Salt Lake City.

20. The Gateway

Can you believe how fast The Gateway is changing? They have transitioned from outdoor mall to downtown entertainment district in a relatively short amount of time… and they're still just getting started. We follow @shopthegateway to stay on top of new businesses opening their doors, and what new and exciting things they have in store for the years to come. After our interview show with them last year, we're confident that The Gateway will once again (soon!) be THE place to hangout downtown.



As if the 20 Best Salt Lake City Instagram accounts list wasn't enough, we have one more for you. We'd be flat out irresponsible by not mentioning our Salt Lake Insider instagram account. We do a pretty decent job, if I do say so myself. We'd appreciate a follow from you, and once you do, shoot us a DM to say Hello. We'll be sure to Follow back.


We hope you've discovered a few new Salt Lake City Instagram profiles to follow that you didn't know about prior. That was precisely our goal for this list. Did we leave anyone out? We'd love to hear what YOUR favorite SLC Instagram accounts are in the comments below.

*This “Best Of ” list is not scientific whatsoever, and based 100% on our opinions of who we feel are the best Instagram profiles in Salt Lake City. 



Barry Lincoln

Barry Lincoln

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